Gala Ortodoncie

Retention Phase

To achieve desirable stability after completing orthodontic treatment, we utilize:

Fixed Retainer - a wire made precisely according to the shape of your teeth and usually bonded to their inner surface in both jaws shortly before the completion of active orthodontic treatment. It must be maintained in perfect cleanliness (using a classic soft brush, interdental brush, and, if necessary, special floss - Superfloss, or Bridge&Implant floss). This type of retainer should remain bonded in the mouth for as long as possible, at least 2 years. It needs to be regularly checked by an orthodontist or your dentist. Damage to or even partial detachment of the retainer from any tooth (e.g., from biting into something very hard) can lead to unwanted tooth movement. Inadequate dental hygiene around the fixed retainer can lead to the risk of tooth decay (in such cases, we reserve the right to remove the fixed retainer prematurely). Specialized cleaning by a dental hygienist can, of course, be performed around the fixed retainer.

Removable Retainer - it is a removable appliance, the wearing of which must be very intensive, especially after removing the fixed appliance, gradually reducing in intensity over time. We recommend removing the clear removable retainer from the mouth when drinking anything other than plain water, which is also advisable during meals. Before inserting it into the mouth or storing it in the box, it is advisable to clean the appliance with a soft brush and cold water, or a small amount of liquid soap, always from the outside and inside. You can also use cleaning tablets, e.g., Corega Pro Cleanser Orthodontics - also available at our reception. The appliance is fragile, so it is necessary to store it in a safe case to prevent damage. Its scent attracts pets - therefore, store it out of their reach. In case of significant changes to the tooth surface by your dentist (e.g., making a new filling or crown...), it will likely be necessary to make a new appliance.

Failure to follow instructions regarding care for fixed retainers, wearing of removable retainers, or failure to attend regular check-ups can lead to relapse or other undesirable tooth movement. Subsequent correction may be time-consuming and costly.


How long is the retention phase necessary after completing orthodontic treatment? • The necessary period is usually as long as the orthodontic treatment itself. Typically, around 2 years. However, it is advisable to individualize this time.

Can the stability of the orthodontic treatment result be guaranteed for a lifetime? • Not necessarily. Although we would very much like this to be the case, it is not. Your body undergoes changes over the years, and so do your teeth, subjected to various forces. For this reason, it requires a certain effort to achieve a truly long-lasting result.


We provide a 24-month warranty on the fixed retainer made by us if the recommendations are followed. We provide a 12-month warranty on the clear removable retainer made by us if the recommendations are followed (its lifespan is usually 6-12 months).

Thank you for your cooperation.