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Theeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening can be performed in both the clinical and home environment. Due to the higher concentration of agents used in clinical settings (40%), faster results can be achieved in a shorter time. However, the stronger concentration often results in significant tooth sensitivity (and sometimes even pain). For this reason, we generally recommend home whitening.

Before starting the whitening process, it is advisable to undergo professional dental hygiene to remove all impurities from the teeth, allowing the whitening gel to act directly on the teeth.

The condition for teeth whitening is healthy teeth, or properly restored teeth (fillings without gaps, without excess material, preferably composite fillings - chemical bond...), as well as healthy surrounding supportive tissues (gingiva without inflammation, non-bleeding upon stimulation...).


  • Based on a digital scan of your dentition, custom whitening trays will be made for you.

  • A sticky, viscous gel is applied to these trays.

  • We use Opalescence PF whitening gel, 10/16% (the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide).

  • Gel application: squeeze a drop of gel approximately halfway along the tray section that fits against the tooth "from the outside," ranging from tooth 5 to tooth 5 (you will use about 1/4 of the syringe per tray).

  • Place the tray onto your teeth, gently press.

  • Remove excess gel from the gums with a soft toothbrush or finger.

  • Initially, let the gel sit for about 2 hours (if you do not experience increased tooth sensitivity the next day, you can leave the tray in your mouth for longer, up to 6 hours at a time; however, we recommend extending the duration cautiously).

  • After the desired time has elapsed, remove the tray from your mouth; if there is any gel left in your mouth, spit it out; you do not need to rinse your mouth, it is not advisable to brush your teeth now (minimum time that should elapse between whitening and tooth brushing is 30 minutes); clean the trays with a soft brush, rinse under cold water, let them dry, and then store them.


The result should be visible after the first application, but a more significant effect is usually achieved after about 5 applications. An advantage of home whitening is the ability to repeat the procedure at any time if you feel that the effect is not as significant. Whitening trays should last you several years without any issues unless there is a significant change in the shape of any tooth due to, for example, a new filling. The basic gel package is usually sufficient for about 1 year of whitening (meaning initial "whitening" and occasional maintenance). For assessing shade change, it is also possible to start whitening only in one dental arch and after about a week start whitening in the second dental arch.

Aftercare: After teeth whitening, it is advisable to avoid large temperature fluctuations (avoid extremely cold or hot foods).