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Insertion of Anchorage Mini-Screw 

The insertion of an anchorage mini-screw is performed under local anesthesia. In some cases, a radiograph of the intended location may be taken before inserting the anchorage mini-screw to clarify the most suitable insertion site. During the insertion, you may feel pressure, not sharp pain (if pain occurs, please notify us). The entire procedure takes up to fifteen minutes. It is necessary to maintain the anchorage mini-screw and its surroundings in cleanliness - clean it with a soft toothbrush. Cleaning prevents overgrowth of surrounding soft tissues over the head of the mini-screw, or its healing - in such cases, it is essential to insert a new mini-screw. Initially, the head of the mini-screw may cause mucosal pressure (similarly to other metal components of the fixed appliance) - in this case, it is advisable to cover the head with protective wax. If you experience pressure or mild pain in the corresponding area after the anesthesia has subsided, take pain medication as needed.

The anchorage mini-screw will be left in the mouth for the time necessary to fulfill its purpose, after which it will be easily removed from the mouth.

Thank you for your cooperation.