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Treatment using Aligners 

To achieve the perfect result, treatment with clear aligners involves not only the use of individual aligners but also the use of so-called attachments (protrusions that will be attached to your teeth). During treatment, we also utilize auxiliary devices, including intermaxillary rubber bands ("elastics" that you will be placing in your mouth yourself - adherence to wearing time is essential), or anchorage mini screws, or in more complex cases, elements of fixed appliances. Aligners must be worn in the mouth for 22 hours a day to ensure their effectiveness and function in the mouth. In addition to your orthodontist, trained orthodontic assistants will also be involved in your care during regular check-ups.


Wash your hands with soap. Remove the aligner from the foil. Rinse it with water. Make sure you are putting on the correct aligner (each aligner is marked with a code indicating the sequence of the aligner). When putting on the aligner, gently press it in the middle in the area of ​​the front teeth, then press it in the same way with your fingers also on the back teeth on one side, and then the other side (it is often necessary to simultaneously press the aligner slightly into the mouth). The aligner should then fit into the correct position.


Slowly pull back with the tip of your finger on the aligner behind the teeth on the palate / tongue side. Repeat the same on the opposite side. You should then be able to remove the aligner from the front teeth as well.


After removing the aligner from your mouth, rinse it with water, dry it, and store it in the box. Do not throw away previously used aligners; store them in their original packaging. Please bring both used and unused aligners (approximately the next 10) for your next appointment.


Before inserting them into the mouth or storing them in the box, it is advisable to clean the aligners with a soft brush and water, or a small amount of liquid soap, both on the outside and inside. You can also use cleaning tablets, e.g., Corega Pro Cleanser Orthodontics - also available at our reception.


It is advisable to time the replacement of aligners shortly before going to bed. This way, the aligner will remain in your mouth long enough without being removed again.


With aligners, it is recommended to drink only plain water. Avoid drinking acidic or sweet beverages (especially juice, Coca-Cola, water with lemon, tea with honey...) - this could damage the enamel of your teeth! You can eat with aligners, which actually helps with the better movement of your teeth. After eating, it is advisable to clean both your mouth and aligners; if not possible, it is recommended to at least rinse your mouth with clean water and rinse the aligners. If you eat less frequently with the aligners, we recommend using chewies ("biting aids") more, which will be given to you at the start of treatment.


✓ Do not soak aligners in mouthwashes.
✓ Do not drink beverages other than plain water with aligners on or consume hot beverages / hot food.
✓ Do not chew gum with aligners on, ✓ Do not smoke with aligners on - this could damage them.


✓ If you experience pain or significant discomfort (mild discomfort is common, especially after replacing aligners with a new set); however, the situation should be      calm before replacing it with the next aligner - if not, do not perform the replacement and contact us.
✓ In case of loosening of the attachment/protrusion.
✓ In case of damage/loss of the aligner(s).
✓ In case of any questions.