Gala Ortodoncie

The Removable Appliance 

The removable appliance was designed by the doctor to achieve the intended tooth movement and custom-made by an orthodontic technician for your child.

The success of the treatment relies entirely on your cooperation. Inadequate cooperation may result in the termination of treatment! The effectiveness of your removable appliance can only be achieved by wearing it for a minimum of 14 hours per day, 7 days a week (the device's efficiency in this case is 4 hours). The more the appliance is worn, the higher its effectiveness naturally becomes. In the case of an overbite or crossbite, it is essential to initially wear the appliance continuously, including during meals (you will be instructed by the doctor on how many hours it is necessary to wear the appliance in your case). The treatment progress is typically monitored every 2 - 3 months.

If there is a screw in the appliance, you will be instructed on how to manipulate/turn this screw. Turning the screw changes the size of the appliance - immediately after turning, it may be more difficult for the child to properly fit the appliance into their mouth, requiring increased attention. Turning the screw is best done just before bedtime.

First, it is necessary to get used to wearing the appliance:

  • Initially, there may be increased saliva production and speech may be affected. Therefore, it is advisable for the child to practice speaking with the appliance, such as by reading a book aloud, preferably in a familiar environment at home.

  • Eating with the appliance is possible (and sometimes absolutely necessary for treating certain conditions), but playing with the appliance using the tongue is not recommended as it may damage it.

How to properly fit and remove the appliance:

  • The appliance must first be fitted to the front teeth and then pressed onto the back part.

  • The appliance is removed by pulling on the wire clasps on the back teeth (not on the wire elements on the front teeth, as they could be damaged).

When not to wear the appliance:

  • It is advisable to remove the appliance from the mouth when playing contact sports, swimming, or playing wind instruments.

Care for the removable appliance:

  • Before insertion (ideally after cleaning the teeth) and after removal from the mouth, it is necessary to mechanically clean it using a soft brush and liquid soap, or a non-abrasive toothpaste.

  • It is advisable to use an antibacterial tablet at least once a week (e.g., Corega).

  • The appliance is fragile, so it should be stored in a safe case to prevent damage. Its smell attracts pets - therefore, store it out of their reach.

FAQ: How long will the treatment with the removable appliance last?

  • Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward; the duration of treatment with the removable appliance depends on the type of defect at the beginning of the treatment and the patient's cooperation. The appliance corresponds to the child's dentition for approximately one to one and a half years, after which modification or fabrication of a new appliance may be necessary (according to the current price list).

Is it certain that I won't need braces after the removable appliance?

  • No. The removable appliance is used in childhood to correct the current situation and prepare the best conditions for further jaw and dental development. It is called interceptive treatment. Therefore, the possibility of needing treatment with a different type of appliance later in life cannot be ruled out.

"Why is the appliance falling out?"

  • Frequent insertion and removal of the appliance can loosen the retention clasps. These clasps can be easily reactivated.

  • A more common reason is that the appliance is not worn in the mouth for the required duration. Turning the screw enlarges the appliance, but in such a case, the mouth cannot adapt, making it impossible to properly fit the appliance, leading it to fall out.

What is the price of the removable appliance?

  • The price depends on the specific type of appliance and also on the categorization by the insurance company - specific information will be provided at the reception.


  • We provide a 24-month warranty for the plate-type removable appliance. The warranty cannot be claimed in case of damage due to careless handling or loss of the appliance. The warranty also does not cover necessary repairs to an appliance that was not worn according to the instructions.