Gala Ortodoncie

Dental monitoring

To enhance the treatment of our patients, we utilize DentalMonitoring, a modern approach to monitoring treatment progress. In the comfort of your home, you will have access to the scan-boxpro, which, together with your smartphone, allows you to regularly scan, enabling us to monitor the progress of your treatment.


To start monitoring, it is necessary to download the DentalMonitoring application to your smartphone from the appropriate app store. Please do this before your scheduled appointment to begin your treatment with us.

  1. Download the DentalMonitoring application from Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Upon opening the application, select "I'M A PATIENT".

  3. For the initial login to the application, please use the "Welcome email" you received along with your login credentials. After that, you will log in using your email and password ("USE PASSWORD TO SIGN IN").


Everything will be clearly explained in the clinic, including the first scan, which we will do together.

  • Before scanning, brush your teeth, and also wash your hands.

  • During scanning, breathe through your nose, not your mouth.

  • It is essential to properly place the mobile phone into the scan-box. The "gray button" must be positioned at the top. We recommend holding the phone with your left hand while the scan-box is in your right hand. Always ensure that the phone is securely attached in the scan-box.

  • Initiate scanning by double-tapping the screen.

  • Follow the voice instructions of the application.

  • Move the scan-box while keeping your head in place. Keep the scan-box evenly horizontal.

  • You will be prompted to scan in various positions (closed, slightly open, wide open...).

  • When prompted to "bite on your back teeth," try to swallow, bringing the back teeth together into the correct position.

  • When scanning from a side view, it is essential to move the scanner as close to the ear as possible to ensure all teeth are adequately visible.

  • When scanning with aligners in place, please ensure they are correctly seated.


Before submitting scans, please ensure that they are of good quality and within the required range. Otherwise, they will be rejected, and thus not sent. We are unable to evaluate such scans. The most common reasons for scan rejection are:

  • Taken from the wrong distance / too dark / blurry / mouth is not in the center of the photo, thus not capturing all teeth / lips or tongue covering the teeth.


After evaluating the submitted scans, you will receive recommendations through the application on how to proceed with your treatment.


You can also use the application to communicate via chat with us during working hours.

Note: The scan-boxpro will be provided to you on loan; in case of damage or loss, a fee of 1,500 CZK will be charged.