Gala Ortodoncie


Dear patients, please keep track of the current events at our clinic.
  • Maternity Leave Announcement (21/04/24)

    Dear patients,
    We are pleased to announce that our two excellent orthodontic specialists, MDDr. Eva Zatloukal Horáková a MDDr. Zuzana Marinčák Vranková, have decided to enter the next stage of their lives and have gone on maternity leave.

  • Payments for Adult Patients

    Dear patients, we would like to inform you about the complete cessation of reimbursements for orthodontic procedures and products by insurance companies for patients over 21 years old, effective December 31, 2023.

  • New patients

    New patients are now being taken into care by MDDr. Barbora Cepáková (Holíková) - returning from maternity leave.  MDDr. Gabriela Krejčí is now not accepting patients for capacity reasons. 

    Thank you

  • How to reserve an appointment

    To make an appointment, call on weekdays from 8am to 2pm. On Fridays please respect our opening hours until 12pm.

    Thank you